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Constitution and By-Laws

I -  Name  &  Purpose
1.  Name - Amherst Area Amateur Astronomers Association
2.  Purpose - Support, Study, Enjoyment, Education, and Advancement of Astronomy, Science, and Nature

II  -  Members,  Officers,  Terms,  Executive Committee,  Board of Directors, Committees, & Appointments
1.  Anyone may become a Member by requesting Membership and paying Dues
2.  Membership may not be denied based on Residence, Race, Handicap, Religion, Age, Sex, Nationality,
        Sexual Orientation, Political Belief, Income, or National Origin
3.  Any Member may become an Officer or Executive Committee Member
4.  Term of each Office shall be the Calendar Year
5.  Officers and 5 Executive Committee shall be Elected by Majority Vote at Annual Meeting
6.  President may Appoint Committees or a Member for specific Purpose
7.  Officers and Executive Committee shall constitute the Board of Directors, which may Override any Action
        of the President
8.  Members may Override any Action of the Board of Directors
9.  Officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer - shall perform Duties associated with that Office

III -  Annual Meeting,  Special Meeting,  Notice,  Elections,  &  Quorum
1.  Annual Meeting & Elections shall be the 1st Meeting in November
2.  Election shall be by Ballot & Majority Vote of Members
3.  Quorum of Members is 10, of the Board of Directors is 4
4.  Special Meeting may be called by the President, Board of Directors, or 10 Members, with 2 Weeks
         Written Notice to all Members, stating Purpose of such Meeting.  Only Business specified in Notice may
          be conducted

IV  -  Dues,  Liability,  &  Fiscal Year
1.  Annual Dues, determined by Board of Directors, are payable January 1
2.  President or Board of Directors may incur a Liability
3.  Fiscal Year is the Calendar Year

V  -  Amendments  &  Dissolution
1.  This Constitution/By-Law may be Amended by a 2/3 Vote of Members at the Annual or Special Meeting
2.  In Dissolution, all Assets shall become the Property of Amherst College

Approved - March 13, 1992       Amended. - December 10, 2004,  December 12, 2008

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